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We are currently traveling and filming a new movie to promote us and what we are all about! We are a small group of friends doing what we love, so we have put things on hold until MAY 5 to go out and make this film. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Good things are to come! See you in May!

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Aeon Bus, Bus Life, California, Downhill, Migrate To Skate, skate trip -

   What do you get when you take 14 dudes, shove them into a bus and three cars, drive 3000 miles and never shower? 


Ben Bartlett with his Aeon Walkabout

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The Plot -

Fed up with overseas mass production and predictable rebranding, Aeon Skate Co. was formed by a crack squad of individuals called; The Next Generation. Unwilling to succumb to the dysfunctional trap that was the norm of their era, they plotted their escape through a focussed attack. The target? Big business. Daunting yet flawed, the conglomerates had an army with resources and reinforcements. A successful attack would be neither rushed nor unfocused. Many long days and nights were spent at the lair, meticulously decoding the many facets of the enemy. Through their tireless work and research, a plan emerged, headlined by...

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